Douglas K. Stevens Ph.D.

My research interest is environmental toxicology, which is the study of the adverse effects of chemicals/pollutants in the environment.  These could be either harmful effects to people, wildlife or whole ecosystems.  Students interning with me in the SKC Environmental Chemistry Lab (SKC-ECL), have access to the considerable state-of-the-art analytical resources for their research projects.

One area that students in my lab have been studying is the fate and consequences of heavy metals in the food web.  We have been studying metals such as mercury, selenium and arsenic in their various forms in traditional Native foods, particularly fish, to determine if these culturally important foods are still safe to eat. This is part of an effort we call NEHRN “ Native Environmental Health Research Network.”

Students also spend time traveling the nation to other labs and tribal communities, one of which is in Maine. Check back soon for pictures of our most recent trip this August!

I recently traveled to South America and met with some scientists there. For anyone fluent in Spanish here is the article.

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