SKC Life Sciences


The Life Sciences program at SKC is a four-year degree program that is designed to teach students about how molecules interact within living cells, through the study of molecular and cellular biology and chemistry.


An active, hands-on reserach experience is an integral part of the program. This program offers competitive, paid laboratory internships, as well as academic credit for working in SKC's two research laboratories: The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (SKC-ECL), and the Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory (SKC-CMBL).


The knowledge gained within this program will prepare students for a range of career options in science. These include a research graduate track, healthcare, industry and government.


Depending on the choice of courses you could go on to become a pharmacist, a medical doctor, dentist, research scientist, lab technologist, cell biologist, toxicologist, biochemist or microbiologist. Our department also offers and associate degree that may be applied to future degrees.