"To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science."
~ Albert Einstein

SKC Life Sciences in Brief...

The Life Sciences program at SKC is a four-year degree program that is designed to teach students about how molecules interact within living cells, through the study of molecular and cellular biology and chemistry.

Active, hands-on research experience is an integral part of the Life Sciences program. This program offers competitive, paid laboratory internships, as well as academic credit for working in SKC's two research laboratories: The Environmental Chemistry Laboratory (SKC-ECL), and the Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory (SKC-CMBL).

What are Our Students Working On?

Life Sciences Students

Research Feature

The knowledge gained within this program will prepare students for a range of career options in science. These include a research graduate track, healthcare, industry, and government.

Depending on the choice of courses you could go on to become a pharmacist, a medical doctor, dentist, research scientist, lab technologist, cell biologist, toxicologist, biochemist or microbiologist. Our department also offers and associate degree that may be applied to future degrees.

Community Outreach

Life Science students and faculty engaged with the community at the 2019 Arlee Celebration on the Flathead Indian Reservation. With dancing and drums in the background, budding young scientists enjoyed working with Life Science students to isolate DNA from strawberries