The Illustrious Alumni of Our Department

Degree(s) Received:

SKC Research Topic:

Current Position:

Caleb Marceau

AS 2007 (SKC)
BS 2009 (PSU)
PhD 2017 (Stanford)

Sulfolubus extremophiles

(Scientist II) NGM Biopharmaceuticals in San Francisco

Josh Marceau

AS 2007 (SKC)
BS 2009 (Penn State)
PhD 2017 (UM)

Sulfolubus extremophiles

DEI Program Manager - Fred Hutchinson

Katie McDonald

AS 2007 (SKC)
BS 2010 (UM)
MS 2013 (UW)

Mercury in osprey & lake trout

Tribal Policy Advisor

Noel Higgins

AS General Science 2010 (SKC)
BS Education 2016 (SKC)

E. Coli source tracking

HS Teacher, Browning, MT.

Jamie Cahoon

ASN 2010 (SKC)
BS 2013 (SKC)
BSN 2014 (SKC)

1) E. coli source tracking. 2) Salix-based OChem education modules

Head, Diabetes Program, Conf. Salish & Kootenai Tribes

Amy Stiffarm

BS 2012 (SKC)
MPH 2017 (UM)
PhD 2023 Indigenous Health (UND)

1) Phage hunting/sequencing.  2) Flowering Rush genetics

Research Assistant, James Bell Associates, Missoula, MT.

Robert Bruton

AS 2012 (SKC)
BS 2014 (UW)

Mercury in seals

USDA research chemist

Wastewin Smiley

BS 2013 (SKC)

1) Ledum antioxidants. 2) Mercury in lake trout/seals.

Rachel Brown

AS 2014 (SKC)

Immune response to proteins isolated from extremophiles from the Berkeley Pit, Butte, MT

Joined military
Now deceased

Loretta Grey Cloud

BS 2015 (SKC)
MPH 2018 (JHU)

Phage infection genetics

Admin Coordinator - Johns Hopkins

Trey Saddler

BS 2015 (SKC)
MS 2024 (WGU)

1) Hair mercury levels in indigenous populations. 2) Mercury in Lake trout/seals

Data Scientist – NIEHS

Marthe Van Sickle

BS 2015 (SKC)

Immune response to proteins isolated from extremophiles from the Berkeley Pit, Butte, MT

Completed post-bac - NIAID RML  Entered law school in 2017 (UM)

AJ Somers

BS 2016 (SKC)

1) Repressor gene sequences in bacteriophages. 2) GC-MS analysis of PCBs in fish/seals

Associate Researcher, Bristol Myers Squibb

Meg Sherry

AS 2017 (SKC)

Protein expression from Pichia pastoris

Job in law enforcement, Polson, MT.

Mariah Friedlander

BS 2017 (SKC)

1) Isolation of proteins from extremophiles from the Berkeley Pit in Butte, MT. 2) DNA isolation for immune response tracking

Hydro-electric position through SKC tribal energy

Felicia Blandov

AS 2018 (SKC)

Detection of Hg methylators and demethylators in Flathead Lake

Transfer to University of Alaska in 2019-2020 (home community/dental program)

Japhanna Burns

BS 2019 (SKC)

1) Immune reactions of human lung cells from Hantavirus-like particles. 2) Detection of Hg methylators and demethylators in Flathead Lake

Montana State University, Dept. of Microbiology. Ph.D. program, Jan. 2020.

Audrey Romine

BS 2019 (SKC)
MEd 2021 (CU)

Hantavirus protein studies for innate immune reaction

Applying to Physical Therapy programs

Cheyne Littlesun

BS 2020 (SKC)

Comparison of soil microbiomes from natural & managed ecosystems on the Flathead Indian Reservation

Graduate School, Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB) at University of Washington

Mary "India" Ortgies

BS 2020 (SKC)
MS 2021 (MT Tech)

Inflammatory & growth response of human microglia after environmental chemical exposure

Industrial/Environmental Hygienist

Marshand Vasquez

BS 2021 (SKC)

1) Structure-function of mitochondrial TOM proteins.  2) Culturally responsive biomedical education.

Applying to medical school

Marietta Stringer

BS 2021 (SKC)

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in fish species in Flathead Lake

Phlebotomist; Applying to graduate school

Danny Obrecht

BS 2021 (SKC)

Digital production of biomedical information during the COVID-19 pandemic

Pharmacy School, University of Montana

Rachel Matt

BS 2021 (SKC)

Assessment of diabetic outcomes using the differentiated 3T3-L1 adipocyte cell model system

Pharmacy School, University of Montana

Niché Brown

BS: Env Health 2022 (SKC)

Community-based air quality sensor network on the Flathead Indian Reservation

Graduate school in toxicology, University of Montana

Nabreekka Cox

BS: Env Health 2022 (SKC)

Senior Capstone

Maranda Crandall

BS: Cell Biol 2022 (SKC)

Measuring sugar content in wild huckleberries from the Flathead Indian Reservation

Applying to medical school

Courtney Stinger

BS: Cell Biol 2022 (SKC)

GC-MS detection of plasticizers in local garden produce

Employed locally as a technician and sales associate

Spencer Dawson

BS: Env Health 2023 (SKC)

Detection of RNA splicing in breast cancer

MEDEX Northwest-Physicians Assistant (PA) program, University of Washington-Spokane

Amber Hamm

BS: Cell Biol 2023 (SKC)

Detection of Hg methylators and demethylators in Flathead Lake